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why the new atheists failed and how to defeat all - the god that jews christians and muslims believe in is all good all powerful all knowing non physical personal eternal and necessary i would agree with the standard claim of say dawkins that there is an extremely wide gulf between theologians and philosophers of religion and regular jews christians and muslims, answers for atheists and agnostics god and science org - answers for common objections and criticisms of christianity also known as apologetics, atheism remix a christian confronts the new atheists r - atheism remix a christian confronts the new atheists r albert mohler jr on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a leading christian intellectual explores the newest strain of atheism its foremost thinkers the cultural conditions that have bred it, william lane craig s debates reviews atheism is just - william lane craig is a prolific christian philosopher apologist author and public debater he is the best debater on any topic that i ve ever heard as far as i can tell he has won nearly all his debates with atheists when debating him atheists have consistently failed to put forward solid arguments and consistently failed to point out the flaws in craig s arguments, the role of the churches bad news about christianity - in 1697 the same year as aikenhead was hanged the government passed an act against atheism and blasphemy for the massachusetts bay colony under king william iii punishments included sitting in the pillory whipping and having the tongue bored through with a red hot iron and sitting on the gallows with a rope around the neck as well as up to six months in gaol, atheists of silicon valley debate dialogue - atheists silicon valley san jose sunnyvale san mateo mountain view palo alto redwood city cupertino santa clara bay area, is our copy of the bible a reliable copy of the original - thousands of early christian writings and lexionaries first and second century cite verses from the new testament in fact it is nearly possible to put together the entire new testament just from early christian writings, guiding atheists on a tour of the ark tim chaffey - the opening day of the ark encounter turned out to be far more memorable for me than i ever imagined some atheists planned to protest this exciting event at a nearby interstate off ramp i ended up having the distinct privilege of giving a group of about 20 of these atheists and agnostics a tour of the full size ark reconstruction in williamstown kentucky, stealing from god why atheists need god to make their - if you think atheists have reason evidence and science on their side think again award winning author dr frank turek i don t have enough faith to be an atheist will show you how atheists steal reason evidence science and other arguments from god in trying to make their case for atheism if that sounds contradictory it s because it is, take me to church lyrics and meaning a christian - over 15 000 copies downloaded this is a quick and easy way to learn the basic philosophy and theology of saint thomas aquinas the popes of the last 300 years have endorsed st thomas aquinas, doctrinal studies bible doctrine middletown bible church - doctrines of the bible middetown bible church statement of faith doctrinal statement basic doctrines of the bible a study course 25 pages to help people understand all the points of doctrine covered in the doctrinal statement basic doctrines of the bible simplified edition for ages 9 14 in pdf format cover page alva mcclain s theology notes, a response to newsweek on the bible - newsweek s recent cover story on the bible as we expected proved quite controversial particularly among the evangelical community some agreed with our point others expressed anger and, bible studies articles teachings of the word of god - dear brethren i appreciate u for the work u are doing for the advancement of god s kingdom i think i ve learnt alot from this site i pray u send me more of your teachings on different topics especially those that are linked to the new birth the holy spirit spiritual warefare forgiveness holiness marriage etc, cherry picking the bible are christians expected to - crossexamined org is a non profit ministry started in 2006 that conducts dynamic i don t have enough faith to be an atheist seminars on college campuses churches and high schools, hank hanegraaff s false theology and questionable - hank hanegraaff of cri has a staff that gets him answers that makes him credible on many biblical topics but when hank hanegraaff himself steps out in certain areas of theology he displays a basic lack of biblical understanding, redirect to lockhaven edu - you will automatically be redirected to our official domain lockhaven edu in five seconds you can also click the link to avoid waiting please update your bookmarks